Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dramarama: or When To Fire Your Manager

Today we discuss when to fire your manager.

I never officially had a manager, I just fell into a relationship with a very hard working person that taught me a lot about being a professional vocalist in SL.  For that I am grateful.  As I added to and refined my act, however, our relationship started to decline.  Further, she has a nasty reputation in the music scene as an unprofessional and extremely rude person that no one wants to work with.  Though she never treated me that way in the beginning that was changing.

The last straw came when a friend of mine referred me to a talent show.  Dutifully, I turned it over to my manager as I had other opportunities many times before.  Usually I heard nothing back, but this time she chose to get as many of her people involved as possible.  Suddenly she started harassing me for not being online hours before the event (?).  Though I didnt win, I was thrilled when these individuals asked me to perform a few weeks after the event.  I got my manager involved, again dutifully, as she was not returning their IMs.  Though I accepted the gig, she started harassing me immediately and pressed the point that she could send someone else.

I have school inworld, and though I was in a class meeting I sent my avi to the club in advance. I explained this to my manager. I arrived and chatted amicably to the owner while my manager continued to bark at me in IMs. When at 15 till I still wasn't rezzed we all agreed I needed to dump cache and reload.  I got back in 5 minutes later and my manager informed me I was too late, she had subbed me out.

I said "You're fired".

Subsequently I spoke to someone in her stable I considered a friend and discovered that, well, he wasn't.  From what I can tell from statements he made, he'd been fed some massive bullshit about me, which he proceeded to believe.  Even though he cant stand this person either.  So he says.  All the time.  Whatever.

How do people believe this crap?  SL or RL its the same.  Is there a drawer they put their common sense in before they go to bed and just forget to take it out some days like a retainer or something?  But I digress....

Always remember:  SL is like RL.  Save all your chats (I have all this on my PC).  If your manager/agent has a bad rep its for a reason.  Take everything with a grain of salt - and don't assume everyone's your friend.  Be smart about it.  Watch what you say - its in WRITING in SL.  The person I refer to is really into cutting and pasting,  so be careful!

Just like in life, communication is key!  Whenever I had an issue that kept me from a gig I always alerted my manager in advance if at all possible.  I make sure to check and double check notecards against my online calendar - even so, I would show up and find the owners had no idea I was scheduled.  My manager also sent me to gigs at clubs that were gone.  Personally, it takes 3 hours for me to adequately prep for a specific event, thats a lot of time to lose when I arrive ... to a vacant piece of ocean.  The communication had deteriorated to such an extent that when I took a look at my calendar most of the gigs I had were my own, few were through her.  Things had reached their natural conclusion.

Make sure you have your IMs forwarded to your email.  SL doesnt deliver anything - but if someone claims they are sending you things and you are getting everyone else's but theirs...It's NOT you OR SL...

And if you are turning in more offers than you are getting, maybe you've outgrown your manager. Maybe you need a different agency.  Maybe you just need a booker.  Once thing's for sure - these people work for you not vice/versa.  They need to understand and endorse your vision, and they need to communicate freely and well.

Finally, for pete's sake be professional.  We are all human, we will miss gigs or otherwise fuck up (and hate it, in my case anyway.  I cry. You'll find your own way of dealing).  By all means tell the venue in advance if at all possible. I contact the venue with a genuine apology and, well, grovelling.  I am still recuperating from a car accident and the pain is worse some days than others, then there are technical issues that affect everyone from time to time without notice.  SL is still "life".  Personally, I visit the venue ahead of time, that seems to eradicate a lot of issues and it's good business.  Then if you have to bounce from gig to gig there is less lag.  Unless you crash.  See?  Life.  You do what you can.

My x-manager has personal issues that impacted our relationship negatively.  I also believe I just outgrew her. I really make a concerted effort not to hurt anyone.  I certainly didn't want to fire her.  But  the time had come, and from the way she spoke of others that left her stable, I knew leaving on a positive note would be impossible.  I still would have liked to try.

*sigh,  Such ends your lesson for today.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Whaddaya mean you're not lagging me out???

WOW.  Now if she would only take off the damn cat ears when she does interviews....

You can be fearless, too!


Be Fearless!

24-Hours - 00:00 - 24:00 SLT (I'm on 11am slt)

2nd Annual 24-hour PTSD Awareness Event Coming November 6

"Be Fearless! 2010" Event Features Live Online Performances by Internationally Renowned Musicians and Artists to Raise PTSD Awareness and Education to Banish Ignorance and Stigma

For more information:
Contact: Anya Ibor in SL (Colleen Crary in RL), Fearless Nation
Tel: 207-319-7556
Email: befearlesstoday@gmail.com

For Immediate Release - The second annual worldwide "Be Fearless!" event to raise awareness, educate the public and banish stigma about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) will be held online on November 6, 2010.

The 24-hour event, hosted by Fearless Nation PTSD Support, Inc., a nonprofit organization hailing from the USA, will focus on fact-based PTSD information and two simultaneous live stage events with internationally popular musicians and DJs. People from around the globe can attend the event via Second Life, the virtual online community. The entire "Be Fearless!" event will be broadcast live online through the Fearless Nation website.

The "Be Fearless" event begins at 00:00 Pacific Coast Time (-7 GMT/UTC) on November 6 and will run for 24 hours.

"Last year's event drew people worldwide and helped bust many of the misperceptions associated with PTSD," states Colleen Crary, founder of Fearless Nation. "This year we are taking things a step further by increasing our focus on awareness and making the live event accessible to everyone worldwide online via their PCs and mobile devices."

Performers at the "Be Fearless! 2010" event are internationally renowned musicians, vocal music artists and DJs.

Support for this year's "Be Fearless!" event is strong: Totally viral, green, and based in the power of social networking.
 "Times are hard. We are not asking for donations of money, products or services," said Crary. "Our goal is to raise awareness and education, so we are asking individuals, businesses, organizations and other non-profits to post information about the event in their local shops, communities, workplaces, and social hangouts as well as on their social networks and web site, blogs and feeds. In return, Fearless Nation will highlight supporters via the website, social networks and print advertising.”

This free, green, viral “Advertising-In-Kind” promotes shared causes without breaking anyone's bank.  A series of downloadable flyers, event invitations, logos, and PTSD talking points are available on the Fearless Nation website. http://www.fearless-nation.org/Advertising-In-Kind-Program.html

"It's our hope that this event will continue to erode PTSD stereotypes and help people gain easy access to the information and tools they need to empower their recovery from trauma." said Crary.

For more information on the "Be Fearless! 2010" event, performers, sponsors and viral marketing materials, please visit http://www.fearless‐nation.org/BeFearless2010.html

About Fearless Nation PTSD Support, Inc.

Fearless Nation PTSD Support provides support for all PTSD sufferers, their family, friends and therapists through:
•    COMMUNITY: to banish isolation and stigma
•    INFORMATION & EDUCATION: based in science, to educate the public about PTSD to AVOID:
-    Misdiagnosis (a common problem)
-    Mistreatment (the result of misdiagnosis and absence-of-care)
-    Misinformation (the root cause of the  stigma associated with PTSD)

Fearless Nation encourages individual-based strategies for recovery — there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach. We use green, cost-effective social media, a virtual reality environment, and multimedia: Free and available to all people affected by PTSD.

Our group welcomes PTSD sufferers, their families, friends, and clinicians, war veterans, law enforcement personnel, emergency response workers, sexual abuse survivors, child abuse survivors, human trafficking, torture and crime survivors, man-made and natural disaster survivors, and survivors of all physical, psychological, and verbal trauma. You do not have to be a military veteran to join us.

Our battle cry is “Be Fearless!” All are welcome. All are included. Join us today.

For more information, visit http://www.fearless-nation.org/

Friday, October 1, 2010

Its OCTOBER! Happy Winter, Everyone!!!!

Yes, gone is September, the bane of my existence.  In comes my fave month always - October!  Backflip!  (you couldn't see it but my avi just did it!)

...then I fell down the stairs rl.  But I'm still happy about the October thing!

Happy Birthday! Gwen is MY age????


Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Fave Store - Griddie!!!

Ok, the actual name is - and you will need this if you ever plan to look it up - Gridhiker's Gesamtkunstwerk.  Actually it's like a new "everything art store" which is, not ironically, what "Gesamtkunstwerk" means.  Sorta.

Specifically the hair and clothes...To. Die. For!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Flicker Account!

And I have up my first set!  Im so proud of my new baby....go look!

Eccentric Contest/Wardrobe

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Crazy Ass Hair Hunt 2

They say "arse", I say I've been an accomplished swearer since I was 6.  Anyway, this is the single most pleasant hunt I have ever been on (twice) for very simple reasons.

1.  The stores that participate are widely varied.  Not all are clothes or hair.  Most are wildly creative.  It's fun to just wander...or rez a boat and sail... Whatever!  Fun!
2.  There are only 60 or so stores in the hunt.  There is no pressure, no lag, and you can browse at your leisure.  Plus, by wearing each hair as you get it, you do it all while giggling madly.

Who can beat that??

The official blog and flicker groups are below (though I like to save the surprise for when I get the item...but that's just me and I'm weird).
Stalk My Blog - The Crazy Arse Hair Hunt 2

...and since I know many of you (like me) are iffy about committing to a hunt unless there is a hint blog posted, the hint blog is below - the #s are SLURLs that will take you right to the stores.  Let's hear it for Maleficent again and all her hard work putting this together for us!

The Hunt Locations - The Crazy Arse Hair Hunt 2


Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Best Thing Ever Since Always. Ever!

OK, the "Shop Here/Kudos" post became a leviathan and is now intimidating me. I am just too busy to finish the post correctly so I will get back to it. In the meantime, you must watch this. It will make your day. When I grow up I want a video JUST LIKE THIS!!!!

I completely agree with the comment by gilgemeshswordx6 (the title of this entry) and stormwysper: "If this video competed in the 2010 Winter Olympics it would win gold, silver, and bronze in every event. That's how epic it is."

Click this link!  Click it!  You'll thank me I promise!
Who IS this guy??? You have to watch it to see Im giving no hints here....

Friday, July 9, 2010

overheard in a group chat

 [22:54]  SugarTits whispers: Hey baby, wanna come over to myspace so i can twitter ur yahoo til u google all over my facebook?

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Stupidest Tech Support Ever

[2010-06-16 23:24:59]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: [23:11:10]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: Hi!  I dint think this is an emerald problem...but I just found out that I am transmitting voice - only im in "push to talk/toggle" mode in preferences, the "talk" button isnt depressed, I dont have green transmit waves over my head and there isnt a green dot by my name.  My dot is grey.  WTF?
[2010-06-16 23:18:46]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: the button isn't pushed.  Iclicked reset voice...didnt "do" anything that I c an see.
[2010-06-16 23:18:57]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: Its set in push to talk mode
[2010-06-16 23:19:35]  Captain Stupid: is the option for it to lock enabled int he voice settings?  try a relog, sometimes the wierdest things need a relog to take effect
[2010-06-16 23:20:10]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: I dont see a lock option
[2010-06-16 23:20:46]  Captain Stupid: ctrl p, voice chat tab, "use push-to-talk in toggle mode"
[2010-06-16 23:21:01]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: I just said that is enabled
[2010-06-16 23:22:09]  Captain Stupid: then its set so push one will turn it lon, and yo talk,. push two will turn it off.. i thought you were only wanting to press the MMB only when you wanted to talk
[2010-06-16 23:24:23]  Captain Stupid: maybe im mis reading what you original wrote.. i thought you were trying to set it up so when you want to talk, you press the button, and when your done you release the button.
[2010-06-16 23:24:59]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: [23:11:10]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: Hi!  I dint think this is an emerald problem...but I just found out that I am transmitting voice - only im in "push to talk/toggle" mode in preferences, the "talk" button isnt depressed, I dont have green transmit waves over my head and there isnt a green dot by my name.  My dot is grey.  WTF?
[2010-06-16 23:26:17]  Captain Stupid: im confused then, what you discribed is exactly what happens when toggle mode is checked.. you have to press the button a second time to toggle it back to off
[2010-06-17 00:07:17]  Captain Stupid: if push to talk is unchecked, you have to hold it down as long as you want to trasmit voice.... i dont think the green sound waves apprear due to something on LL's end, ive known it to be common for several years that voice will work but those waves dont appear


Friday, June 11, 2010

Visit http://is.gd/coNwO to get The Follow on the KISS tour! eventful guitarcenter KISS

Thursday, June 10, 2010

You know you're past your bedtime when:

[20:37:44]  Phoenix Gerhadsen‧: OMG.
[20:37:46]  Phoenix Gerhadsen‧: OMG
[20:38:36]  Phoenix Gerhadsen‧: I started playing my recorded stream from earlier to "check" it....AND I DIDNT RECOGNIZE MY OWN VOICE.  I started typing in local...
[20:38:44]  Phoenix Gerhadsen‧: ansewering MYSELF
[20:38:50]  Phoenix Gerhadsen‧: that's my cue!
[20:38:54]  Phoenix Gerhadsen‧: Im outta here!

On opening your set with a ballad:

[20:19:09]  Mr X: It's like answering the door with  tears running down your face, it's offputting

Something to think about!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Well, my dream has come true. I play the Rum Runner Tuesday the 15th. Who'da thunk it?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Fabulous IM bleed #3!

[2010-06-07 21:02:58]  Ms. X: i want to be desirable to you
[2010-06-07 21:03:53]  Ms. X: i love you
[2010-06-07 21:04:34]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: oops
[2010-06-07 21:04:43]  Ms. X: lol
[2010-06-07 21:04:45]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: wrong IM window dear - though I like you too
[2010-06-07 21:04:52]  Ms. X: wake you up!~

I love this!  Too funny - and yes I am aware that I will be one of these entries, someday....

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shops to visit!!!

 I have blurbs and SLURLS and pictures and all sorts of stuff for this post.  I also have a life.  I will complete it later, it's intimidating me right now.

I'm getting the list and adding LMs as we speak - but there are so many great, talented designers that are fabulous people too, it just keeps growing !  Isn't that a great problem to have???

Silk Dreams
Lunas Boutique
Jazmyn D
Adore and Abhor
[L3ash] when it re-opens
Snowpaw Fashions
Hyper Culture
Piece of Candy
Prim and Pixel
Relentless Couture
Sun Made Fashions
Sassy Kitty
The Owlhouse
...probably Onyx Wear and  Piece of Mind too, I just discovered them.


Monday, May 24, 2010


I suspected, at first, that to name one's clothing/furniture store like a greasy spoon could indicate questionable intellect.  Having shopped there, I can say confidently that the owners are as inviting as Detroit.

If you've ever gone on an SL hunt you have praised the awesome Maleficent Benoir, who painstakingly  provides detailed hint information on her blog for each and every hunt. Her work has rewarded thousands of people and kept many sane.  Well, she was banned from Michigan Shack too - for giving hunt hints.  She was never addressed, simply banned. As she posted, she would have been happy to leave out the hint out had they actually spoken to her. Unfortunately these two idiots feel as entitled as a couple of high school cheerleaders on crack.

I was banned yesterday for trying to make them honor their 60L Weekend ad.  It took forever to find the item - on another floor from the sign (against the rules) - and once I did there were several variations.  The 60L deal was unmarked (against the rules).  I ended up paying 60L for each set (the lounge and the bed) when the add offered them both together for 60L total.  Immediately after I paid,  I looked up and saw them both listed together for 60L (I thought this was just a picture but it was actually the vendor).  Not only did these bitches refuse to adjust my payment, they refused to acknowledge their own inventory, or the ad.  Nice, huh?

For a change I dropped my usual professional demeanor and cussed them out.  Both of them.  Then I muted them.  It felt good, but it would have felt better to get the price adjustment and avoid the hassle.

So seriously, don't shop there.  There are so many other sellers that are actually pleasant and happy to provide superior items that there is no reason to roll the dice on these two losers.

I took one for the team on this one, make it worth something!

In Summary -
Please, by all means, DO shop at:
Silk Dreams
Lunas Boutique
Jazmyn D
[L3ash] when it re-opens
aw, heck!  I'm giving this it's own post...

Do NOT shop at:
Royal Blue
Sweet Dreams
Barbie Bitch
Michigan Shack

Sunday, May 16, 2010

OMG! I have a new favorite store - and it's NOT clothes!

Altya's Dream Creations.  This place is like a SL Brookstone.   I can get totally lost in here and I find something new every time I come!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

L3ASH is BACK....almost!

[16:53:01]  Ellie Gilmour: [L3ASH] Is Almost Back!! Almost you ask? Well, today we Offer you Lingerie by Hollee Why well that’s Simple We need Linden or we can’t bring you New Releases Tomorrow sniffles. And what goes better with Lingerie? The Answer is Bunnies!!!! We are selling our Ozmial Bunnies L And Ellie G Photography Has pictures for sale. All of these Companies coming together to help L3ASH back to the SL Fashion World with the same great Quality you remember and a whole new direction and style.
Below are just a couple pictures of what we would release if we could afford the fees and the tier to keep the land along with uploads. Oh and Wait Pictures with Lingerie and Bunnies. Please, Come by and help the cause L3ASH Misses all of you if we aren’t creating New Releases for you we aren’t satisfied. Fashion and building is who we are and what we love, it’s what keeps use coming back to secondlife every day. So we beg you help us continue and bring back what we love. Hope to see you all here.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Wonder of Domino's

I had this conversation, then I thought it was funny enough to re-post:

[22:37:03]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: Hello Gorgeous!
[22:37:25]  chryblnd Scribe: heya :-)
[22:37:56]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: You may be asking yourself "self?  Does [insert RL name here] sound like she's had a partial lobotomy to achieve a 180 degree attitude change from earlier?"
[22:38:18]  chryblnd Scribe: lol
[22:38:23]  chryblnd Scribe: I may soon, at any rate
[22:40:06]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: the answer would be YES!  which accounts for the persistent use of my real name today.
[22:40:31]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: It started with the pizza.....instead of 2 crispy crusts I got one deep dish
[22:41:10]  chryblnd Scribe: \o/ pizza!
[22:41:46]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: But OH NO its doesn't stop there!  NOnonononoono....because we all know what I get when I order pizza.....
[22:41:56]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: DEEP CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKES!!!!!!
[22:42:14]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: I believe you were present when I discussed this ritual previously?
[22:43:00]  chryblnd Scribe: ummm ... Ima go with "no"
[22:44:39]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: no WAY!  I swear you were...ok, they arrive:
[22:44:54]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: two toasty mounds of crispy yet chewy deep chocolate cake
[22:45:19]  chryblnd Scribe: I'm aware of their charms
[22:45:21]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: oh!  good for you! ...stuffed with warm, melted yet not runny deep dark chocolate that explodes in your mouth when you bite down
[22:47:24]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: ...when I get them I place them somewhere they can stay warm and out of harms way while I eat my pizza.  ...When I am 3/4 full THEN AND ONLY THEN I will open the box, releasing the heat and enjoying their full 5 sensory experience

[22:47:51]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: there is lots of gumming and moaning as I take my time
[22:48:05]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: its a little ritualistic
[22:48:28]  chryblnd Scribe: bahahahaha
[22:48:35]  chryblnd Scribe: I am the same with hotcakes at McDonalds lol
[22:48:36]  chryblnd Scribe: you're so awesome
[22:48:50]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: BWAHAHAHAHA!  ...to top things off I ordered a whole 2 liters of diet coke (they don't have pepsi)
[22:49:24]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: only - and this is ground shaking - they sent CHERRY cola instead!  It threw off my whole ritual!
[22:49:33]  chryblnd Scribe: oh no!
[22:49:38]  chryblnd Scribe: so now you;re a little mad?
[22:49:41]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: no!
[22:49:46]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: quite the the contrary!
[22:50:02]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: get this, because it's not the cola that's ground shaking.
[22:50:15]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: for the last week Dita has laid low.  Literally.  She wont get out of bed.
[22:50:28]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: the new cola arrived and I bounced downstairs.
[22:50:44]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: ...did the exchange and bounced upstairs, in about the time it took to type that
[22:51:10]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: There were 3 boxes on the floor (for what they charge I get the 2 pizza deal and leave one for tomorrow)
[22:51:42]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: I was 1/2 way across the room when I saw Dita with a box...not just ANY box!  She had....
[22:51:47]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: THE LAVA CAKES!!!!
[22:51:53]  chryblnd Scribe: oh
[22:51:55]  chryblnd Scribe: no
[22:52:09]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: I thought she couldn't have opened it that fast BUT I WAS WRONG!
[22:52:36]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: As I saw her lift her dripping-with-chocolate snout, I sprang to action and yelled NO and launched myself.  Imagine a football player flying toward the end zone in so-mo
[22:53:00]  chryblnd Scribe: bahahaha
[22:53:22]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: ...uncharacteristically sluggish, she took 2 steps back, dropping the bulk of her quarry to the ground where she proceeded to lick it to death and then suck on the carpet
[22:53:32]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: 2 things struck me.
[22:53:43]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: 1.  how the hell did she know WHICH box?
[22:53:59]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: 2.  She loves pizza - and she passed up those, easier, boxes?
[22:54:42]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: 3.  We for sure share the same tastes - because Dita then proceeded to beg with a desperation not previously observed by humankind
[22:54:55]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: she wiggled
[22:54:59]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: she bounced
[22:55:07]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: she gave the "soulful stare"
[22:55:29]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: she tried to pull my hands down with her 11 pounds of skunk booty
[22:55:39]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: the nibbled
[22:55:42]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: she kissed
[22:55:53]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: she scent marked everything that didn't move
[22:56:00]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: then she started over again
[22:56:06]  chryblnd Scribe: hahahahaha
[22:56:26]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: I had to call Dad, who laughed over the phone
[22:56:38]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: finally I stopped hyperventilating and caved with a pat
[22:56:46]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: but HELL NO, no lava cakes
[22:56:49]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: sorry!
[22:56:51]  chryblnd Scribe: see, now you know
[22:56:56]  chryblnd Scribe: more chocolate
[22:57:01]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: no shit!
[22:57:05]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: wtf?
[22:57:16]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: anyway, I am always feeling better after those things
[22:57:21]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: :D
[22:57:27]  chryblnd Scribe: lol
[22:57:57]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: this is the no-hormone week on my pill. so I'm uber-emotional I think.  I am also going off the pill, so the next few weeks should see a lot of lava cakes in here
[22:58:17]  chryblnd Scribe: ohhhhh jesus
[22:58:22]  chryblnd Scribe braces
[22:59:07]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: I know
[22:59:10]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: I warned my dad
[22:59:21]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: IMPENDING HYSTERIA!!!!
[22:59:34]  chryblnd Scribe laughs
[22:59:57]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: oh sure, laugh now - just be prepared.
[23:00:02]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: I'm gonna act like a girl
[23:00:06]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: I hate that
[23:01:29]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: I've decided to sing Madonna.  I'm watching Glee for the first time, it's the madonna ep and I'm singing and dancing around
[23:03:11]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: just the good ones - express yourself
[23:03:38]  chryblnd Scribe: I like Madonna
[23:03:42]  chryblnd Scribe: never seen Glee though
[23:04:41]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: I have heard that it MY program, and I have to agree
[23:04:54]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: season 1 comes out this week, hope it's on instant-view

...and hope Domino's doesn't run out of Lava cakes....

NEW best IM bleed EVER!

[18:17:36]  Ms. X: Harder Mark
[18:17:42]  Ms. X: I want all of it
[18:17:56]  Ms. X: oops
[18:17:58]  Ms. X: sorry
[18:18:04]  Ms. X: wrong im

...you know, now that I think of it, this is a brilliant way to get people to talk to you that have been silent for awhile.  I think I'll try it.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Vote me into the Palais Jazz Festival! Go do it now! (I'll wait)

There are 2 slots open, the artists that get the slots will be determined by vote.  Votes are only 10L and you can vote here every day! 

This could be huge for me.  Please help!

(Details below)

The Palace will be holding a Jazz festival on May 8th starting at 1pm slt.  This will be a ticketed performance.  We have an awesome line up as it is including Maxx Sabretooth, TJ Oanomochi and Katia Keres  who are highly known in sl and are real life recording artists, just im them for their bios.

We have two slots open to start the show and will be holding the contest to see  which female and which male singer will be able to share the stage with such talent.  The winner will be paid for the show as well as take home 5% of the tickets sold and 100% tips!

You will then need to get your group members, or indeed anyone who wants to come and vote for you... the contest is a way to get other people aware of the festival and purchase tickets....To vote on your photo will be 10L a vote and they can vote once a day every day if they like!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

No Merci

Even more learning experiences!

As you know, my final tip jar (designed by ME!) has the "Styled By" button that gives the name and lm to the store of everyone that provides my on-stage look.  I am so damn picky that the designers managing to satisfy me deserve at least that pat on the back, and I'm happy to give it.

Almost all my friends are designers or performers - or performers that design.  Most have given me something that I want to wear onstage. 

Now, one of these friends has been with me since the beginning of my career and vice -versa - we have both helped each other every way possible.  This is just to be nice and because we're friends. 

I agreed to a weekly performance for her, for free, at a garden she created for this reason - even though  at this point I am actually cutting my tips-only gigs.  Once I decided to sing for her, I wanted to talk to her about boundaries and how she wanted me to present her, but she never had time.

Not to worry, I went on with my show, emphasizing her Look Book (that I distributed at all shows to be nice), and my Styled By card,  with no word from her one way or the other about my act as I continued.  Until last week.

Last week a friend (and designer) decided to drop by my show.  I said "Hello!"  mentioned that she also designed and happened to be on my style card, then proceeded with the usual promotion.

My "friend" chose that moment, in the middle of my show, to finally comment on my performance.  She flamed me via IMs.  She was irate that I promoted another designer in her store.  I, in turn, was thrilled to find I am now able to perform through anything!
Of course, if she felt this way perhaps she should have decided that I not use my style cards at all during her shows.  Or let me talk to her about my ideas regarding promoting her.  Or spoken to me with the respect that a good friend - a good friend that promoted her at all gigs as a favor - would deserve.

In any case, let this be a valuable lesson to you.  When performing for a store, make the owner sit down,  listen to the details of your set and approve it in writing.  Though I never crossed a line and truly promoted another person, I did venture into a gray area that could have been avoided with clear (or any) communication.  Don't fall into this trap - this is great advice in SL and RL as well.

Another piece of great advice for SL and RL:  when people complain about their friends always letting them down or something like that, there is usually a reason for this attitude - and it isn't their friends!  This particular person has praised me in dark times as one of the few people that never asks her for anything and is a true friend to her.  Danger!  Danger!

In this case I was outgrowing her tutelage and trying to find a way to free up my groups and time.  I just would not have chosen to end it this way or at all.

This has been your PSA for this week!  Go and play on!

Monday, March 15, 2010

I found the half gloves!

I found the half gloves, the half gloves, hurray!
I found the half gloves, the half gloves, hurray!
I found the half gloves, the half gloves, hurray!
And I'll wear them on stage every day, every day!

Locke Couture

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why yes, I AM naked! Thank you!

So a couple weeks ago I mentioned in my notices that I would be performing naked at the Lamb, largely to see if anyone was reading them.  A few new people came - but that is not what this post is about.  This post is about why I was 40 minutes late onto the stage.  Because you know, that of all nights, something bizarre was bound to happen...

It started with the Dr's appointment I had that morning.  Since the performance wasn't until 8pm my time I wasn't concerned.  I have made it home in ample time for performances before.  Just not this time.  In fact, everything that could go wrong went wrong, until I ended up walking into the house at 7.30pm.  On a good note, I was well rehearsed as I keep a warm up and rehearsal CD in my car.  Even so, I seriously considered moving the performance an hour later, however due to the naked tag I couldn't.  Instead, I moved my dressing room onstage and attempted to speed-sync.

Of course, this would be the night there was an issue with that, and by the time I addressed the syncing issue it was 15 minutes past my performance time.  I attempted to chat with peeps to keep them there.

One of the reasons I was late is that the local post office lost my new headphones.  I had to drive across town, twice, to track them down in person, as no one wanted to take responsibility.  As mentioned previously, the headphones I was using gave me tiny electric shocks until they finally short-circuited otherwise I would have just used them again.  The new ones were supposedly designed for my purpose and reputed to work great.  At 30 min I finally got them to work, and all seemed well. 

I realized that I wasn't naked.  In fact I had forgotten all about that, so I attempted to speed-find the outfit I wanted in my inventory - 'cuz I sure as hell wasn't going to be actually naked.   No way.  With all the agility of an ambling moose, I found the full body snow tattoo I got during my winter hunts.  I also found a snow bikini bottom and two oversized snow pasties.  I was ready!

No I wasn't.  I forgot to load the stream.  NOW I was ready!  At 40 minutes after the hour.  At this point I was bluntly begging people to stay.

The only way to address this kind of situation is to stride out of the dressing room mic in hand, singing.  Looking confident.  I think I managed, too - until I realized that I couldn't hear a damn thing.  My music was up, but I could barely hear a note of it.  It was the lovely new headphones that caused all these problems in the first place!  I was almost completely deaf!  After totally butchering the first song, I juggled the set onto one that I have memorized and could hopefully perform without the benefit of musical cues, and I think I did okay.  I honestly have no way of knowing as I forgot to record it in all the discombobulation.  The rest of the set I did that way, with oldies but goodies, shining in my metallic shoes and snow bikini.

I wouldn't call it a success, but I would say it was definitely a learning experience.  I will not be doing the naked thing again though.  It just isn't my style.  Since I am blaming this entire debacle on nervousness due to a pixellated representation of myself appearing in less than the accustomed amount of clothing, I will assume it's not anyone else's either!

Good grief.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Always Strike While The Iron's Hot

My inspirational buddies at L3ash recently opened a new truly unique and well-designed main store!  I mean that - it was airy, open and easy to navigate while having fantastic designer touches.  I was truly impressed - though let's be honest, not surprised.

It's closing now.  They have moved to xstreet.  Though probably a sound fiscal decision, it's really sad that the down economy has to be exacerbated in SL by the over-abundance of hunts.  Now, as we all know I am an avid hunter.  I love the hunt - especially the Twisted Hunt - far and away the tippy top of the line in SL hunting - but even I know it's gotten a little ridiculous.  Personally, if there is a way to spend $, even $L, I will find it - yet many stores have taken themselves completely out of the game by either giving away complete shit or giving away everything I would ever want from them.  This hurts everybody, not just those stores!

Who is the SL President?  We need economic reform!  In the meantime, SHOP L3ASH!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Tip Jar From Hell

Ok, as my niche becomes more apparent (and my distractability more painfully obvious) I realized that I needed a new tip jar - one with specific features.  I mentioned this one night after a show and thus begins our journey through Tip Jar Hell.

A friend of a friend decided to jump in and create one.  This was fabulous except she never listened to my instruction.  As the hours wore on, I realized my situation was becoming more and more dicey.  I didn't want to cause trouble with my friend...however, telling her friend that I wasn't happy with her work would have surely done so.  After all, she was just helping me out.  Perhaps I could learn how to build and fix it?  So at the end of the night I sent a written note card to this individual specifying the changes that I would need (and had been asking for from the beginning) when I picked up the adjusted tip jar the next day.

The next day I got the expected IM offering me a TP to pick up the jar.  When I tried to land, this person's (name available upon request, because I'm like that), security kicked me out - twice.  She finally turned it off to let me land.  In her SL yard.  Where she rezzed the same, non-updated tip jar and asked for $1900L! (!!!!)

I tried to ask why she didn't make any changes but all she would say is that she was busy and I could take it or leave it.  I told her I could wait for the requested changes but she said she didn't have the files anymore, and that she could have made the changes last night but not today, so no changes would happen. (???!!)

I absolutely love our mutual friend so I just bought it and said nothing more - opting (as I often do) for the nobless oblige end of the Leo astrological sign - even as she simultaneously turned her security back on and kicked me off her parcel.

The tip jar was such a mess I couldn't figure out how to alter it and after struggling for several days, I broke down and IM'd my online friends for help.  Like a miracle, a wonderful girl we'll call "Master" appeared and, after ripping it apart for several hours, SL ate it! 

Eh - it turns out that helped since we just did a better one from scratch anyway.  The only thing we didn't have were the scripts.  So I IM'd the original creator.  The response I got was a heartwarming "Sorry, you paid and the transaction is complete. I won't work on it any more.  Good luck."  That's verbatim, by the way, I saved the response (name still available upon request)!

Let me interject that this is one of the reasons I have insisted my tip jar give out a "Style Card" that will list the creators of everything I wear/have onstage - including the tip jar - for the simple reason that most SL creators work extremely hard and bend over backwards to help their buyers.  This token of advertising is the least I can do to pay them back for their efforts above and beyond.  KISSES TO YOU ALL!  MUAH!

Anyway,  you know it's not over yet.  Oh, no.  Master got the scripts from a friend and we worked like dogs on the Tip Monster for a day and a half.  I report to you now that she is a genius and it's gorgeous. I have to tell you here, because I don't have it.  Why?  Well, that's where the rest of the story comes in.

See, Master and I used the office of her script doner to tuck them in at the end.  We were only one script short when RL called her away.  We planned to meet the next day to finish up.

Unfortunately, she never came back.  Her friend remodeled and doesn't recall seeing it.   I never got a copy.

So where it my Tip Monster?  God only knows.  The best advice I can offer is shop around.  Find one you want - there are many many creators, legitimate ones that are happy to create custom work for $500L.  I'll post the links here when I get my Tip Monster back.  Just have the stats on a notecard before you say a word, even if you are just spit balling in a casual setting, and don't part with a dime until you are happy.  

And the original friend I didn't want to offend?  I haven't seen her since.  I should have just given her the $1900L.

Great low lag tip jars from $50L and customization:  Blake Studios Tipjars

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I can't believe they have the fish!

Those damned fish!  In primary colors, swimming in a white world.  Watching the mouse....eating the food.  Whenever I see them I have to stop and play with them.  It's hypnotic.  I can't help it.  Pretty, translucent, realistically moving fish!

I'm not sure what that says about me.

When I saw that app I knew I would have to put it in at right.  I was both thrilled and apprehensive.  Sure enough, I keep playing and staring....playing and staring....ugh!!!!

Is there an FA?

The Coolest Jacket!

I just bought this amazing jacket:


It looks even better on, if that's possible.  Of course I got the hair thing too.  Do ya notice how the name fits perfectly?  It's from the lovely Airedine at Adore & Abhor who managed to get me onto Plurk last night as well.  She is quite the creative one. If I didn't already sing torch songs, this would make me start.

I'm sure there is more to come here....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Tale of Three Headphones

Once upon a time there was a vocalist.

She went through a whole lotta crap getting everything together to stream in Second Life, including getting her voice together,  and it looked like things were picking up.   The only problem was that one of her x-maids hid her really good headphones.   So she used her earbuds from the MP3 player until they sucked her hair and, ultimately, her head, under the chair during a performance.

Then she used the ear hook things that came with her CD player.  These worked except they gave her small electric shocks until one day they, too, died.

Relenting, and still unable to find the nice headphones that damn maid hid, she purchased what she was told would be perfectly acceptible headphones, from Ebay.  She had them sent to her house and waited expectantly.  The day they arrived the postman rang once as instructed in multiple notes surrounding the mailbox (he's remedial).  She gathered herself and went down the stairs....to find a postal slip.  Why?  We don't know.  The package wasn't signature required or anything.  She dutifully called the 800# as directed on the slip and had the package redirected back to her house where she spent the next day waiting expectantly, making multiple calls to the postal services 800# where they assured her that the package would be delivered that day.

No package arrived.

The following day (today) she made a compliant to the 800# as instructed and was told there were no guarantees as to where the package actually existed at this point, since the local post office (aka The Surlist Post Office From Hell) had totally ignored all communication.  She waited until 1.30pm before setting off (just in case) for the TSPOFH in hopes of retrieving it, triumphantly bringing it home after 3 annoying days.

They fit securely and looked solid enough, but sadly muffle all sound, including her music and voice.  Back to Ebay she went with the intention of buying the $5 pro DJ set from China.  What is there to lose now, right?  But before she did that, as luck would have it, a better pair was in the final seconds and she scooped them up.

Story to follow?  I bet there will be!

Best IM bleed EVER!

IM Bleed:  when you think you are chatting with one person and you accidentally type into the wrong screen.

[18:51]  Mr. X: Thank you for that too.
[18:51]  Mr. X: We can just use the bed if you'd like until we figure it out.
[18:52]  Mr. X: oops wrong wondow
[18:54]  Phoenix Gerhadsen: no!  really! I'm enjoying it.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yes, I got a new voice for 2010. Here's the scoop....

You all know how fond I am of new equipment, so...

Seriously, here's what happened:  I moved from Los Angeles to Ohio.  That's pretty much it.  We can blame Ohio for everything.  I frequently do.  In this case, I acquired a new flu-type virus that settles in the lungs and doesn't go away.  Everyone I know has it now, it makes you cough when you laugh.  I initially got it 4 years ago.  It's treated with asthma medication as your lungs start to fill with fluid and it's noisy.

It's common knowledge that I am kind of an idiot.  I forget things, like the warning I got 4 years ago to rinse my mouth out after I use my inhaler to avoid getting thrush (oral yeast).  This year I had to use the inhaler more than usual...and didn't make the connection when I developed raw spots in my mouth that wouldn't heal.  Or when my lungs got extremely bad and I started to have to use the inhaler daily.  Or when my allergy and sinus symptoms got debilitating and I developed migraines.  Or stomach cramps.  Or when it got hard to see (sort of a white filmy issue).

Now, a fun fact about yeast is that it feeds itself.  It thrives in sugar.  I'm a gluten-free vegetarian.  I'm hypoglycemic and plump (but since I've been strict vegetarian/celiac the fat is going away).  By the grace of God, I don't like sweets, and that one day a month I do it's Ding Dongs, Devil's Food Cake, Chocolate Pudding, Chocolate Ice Cream, Canoli and Petit Ecolier (sp?) crackers with bittersweet chocolate chunks on one side.  Sometimes I add peanut butter to those.  Predictable.  So all of a sudden I start craving nothing but sugar,  all the time.  I am eating multiple candy bars (yuck), bags of candy (double yuck), pretty much anything in the checkout lane.  I'm putting gobs of sugar in perfectly good cereal (ick). I gained 10 pounds.  By now I felt terrible on all levels.

All of this started to get out of control around November, when I started singing in SL.  I, being a total moron, credited my sudden inability to hit and sustain notes to nerves.  It was only when eating became ridiculously painful that I remembered that bit about thrush.

You know those photos they show you in health class of diseases that are totally out of control and you wonder how anyone let them go so long?  I finally achieved photo status!

OK, this is actually a picture of graphic tongue that I enhanced.  Graphic tongue, I learned, is a normal condition where the tongue looks as spotted as an Appaloosa.  I have graphic tongue, which is another reason I didn't spot the yeast.

As soon as I Googled, my tongue popped up!  Yea!  Off I went to the grocery store ( you never need to see the Dr about yeast).  All I can say in defense of my rampant and inexplicable stupidity here is that the infection started and built up so slowly that I just didn't notice.

After two days of treatment my tongue returned to normal size - it was about 3 times normal.  I don't know how I could talk - much less sing - at all.  My throat also shrunk (expanded? the tissues shrunk) back to normal, as did my nasal passages, etc. in time.  My lungs and eyes cleared up over the next two weeks.  I am still taking probiotics and other supplements to make sure it's completely gone from everywhere.

...and I got my voice back!  It's such a relief.  Of course, now I have to learn how to use it all over again, but I don't mind.

So let this be a warning to you kids!  Drink lots of water and write stuff down! And don't be afraid to come to my show - I swear it's much better now with the new voice!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

[L3ASH] - I love this place!

I have discovered another amazing store - l3ash - owned and run by the lovely and talented Katie Mongrain and Ellie Gilmour that fit together like yin and yang.  They are quick witted and quick to laugh - two of my favorite qualities! Oh - did I mention the store rocks?  It is such a relief not to see the same old stripper corsets or boring jeans priced for robbery.  These ladies have a flair for sassy style and they are keeping the prices far, far away from the ridiculous.

As if that wasn't enough - they do custom work too!  I'm in LOVE!  Hey - I bet they won't refuse to fit an item to my "plus" sized shape like some other people (*cough Vanity Glitter) at other stores (*cough Sweet Dreams).

Their motto says it all: "A place where normal just isn't good enough."

Check out their BRAND NEW store in world at L3ash.

...and their blog at http://l3ash.com/ or in my links to the right.

Oh - and can somebody tell me how to pull up profiles in a post here?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010