Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why yes, I AM naked! Thank you!

So a couple weeks ago I mentioned in my notices that I would be performing naked at the Lamb, largely to see if anyone was reading them.  A few new people came - but that is not what this post is about.  This post is about why I was 40 minutes late onto the stage.  Because you know, that of all nights, something bizarre was bound to happen...

It started with the Dr's appointment I had that morning.  Since the performance wasn't until 8pm my time I wasn't concerned.  I have made it home in ample time for performances before.  Just not this time.  In fact, everything that could go wrong went wrong, until I ended up walking into the house at 7.30pm.  On a good note, I was well rehearsed as I keep a warm up and rehearsal CD in my car.  Even so, I seriously considered moving the performance an hour later, however due to the naked tag I couldn't.  Instead, I moved my dressing room onstage and attempted to speed-sync.

Of course, this would be the night there was an issue with that, and by the time I addressed the syncing issue it was 15 minutes past my performance time.  I attempted to chat with peeps to keep them there.

One of the reasons I was late is that the local post office lost my new headphones.  I had to drive across town, twice, to track them down in person, as no one wanted to take responsibility.  As mentioned previously, the headphones I was using gave me tiny electric shocks until they finally short-circuited otherwise I would have just used them again.  The new ones were supposedly designed for my purpose and reputed to work great.  At 30 min I finally got them to work, and all seemed well. 

I realized that I wasn't naked.  In fact I had forgotten all about that, so I attempted to speed-find the outfit I wanted in my inventory - 'cuz I sure as hell wasn't going to be actually naked.   No way.  With all the agility of an ambling moose, I found the full body snow tattoo I got during my winter hunts.  I also found a snow bikini bottom and two oversized snow pasties.  I was ready!

No I wasn't.  I forgot to load the stream.  NOW I was ready!  At 40 minutes after the hour.  At this point I was bluntly begging people to stay.

The only way to address this kind of situation is to stride out of the dressing room mic in hand, singing.  Looking confident.  I think I managed, too - until I realized that I couldn't hear a damn thing.  My music was up, but I could barely hear a note of it.  It was the lovely new headphones that caused all these problems in the first place!  I was almost completely deaf!  After totally butchering the first song, I juggled the set onto one that I have memorized and could hopefully perform without the benefit of musical cues, and I think I did okay.  I honestly have no way of knowing as I forgot to record it in all the discombobulation.  The rest of the set I did that way, with oldies but goodies, shining in my metallic shoes and snow bikini.

I wouldn't call it a success, but I would say it was definitely a learning experience.  I will not be doing the naked thing again though.  It just isn't my style.  Since I am blaming this entire debacle on nervousness due to a pixellated representation of myself appearing in less than the accustomed amount of clothing, I will assume it's not anyone else's either!

Good grief.

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  1. So you can't go naked as a virtual character but you think you will be able wear a corset on YouTube in all your glory? Good luck with that :-). You could stream to SL from uStream wearing a corset? I don't think that's been done before.