Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Tale of Three Headphones

Once upon a time there was a vocalist.

She went through a whole lotta crap getting everything together to stream in Second Life, including getting her voice together,  and it looked like things were picking up.   The only problem was that one of her x-maids hid her really good headphones.   So she used her earbuds from the MP3 player until they sucked her hair and, ultimately, her head, under the chair during a performance.

Then she used the ear hook things that came with her CD player.  These worked except they gave her small electric shocks until one day they, too, died.

Relenting, and still unable to find the nice headphones that damn maid hid, she purchased what she was told would be perfectly acceptible headphones, from Ebay.  She had them sent to her house and waited expectantly.  The day they arrived the postman rang once as instructed in multiple notes surrounding the mailbox (he's remedial).  She gathered herself and went down the find a postal slip.  Why?  We don't know.  The package wasn't signature required or anything.  She dutifully called the 800# as directed on the slip and had the package redirected back to her house where she spent the next day waiting expectantly, making multiple calls to the postal services 800# where they assured her that the package would be delivered that day.

No package arrived.

The following day (today) she made a compliant to the 800# as instructed and was told there were no guarantees as to where the package actually existed at this point, since the local post office (aka The Surlist Post Office From Hell) had totally ignored all communication.  She waited until 1.30pm before setting off (just in case) for the TSPOFH in hopes of retrieving it, triumphantly bringing it home after 3 annoying days.

They fit securely and looked solid enough, but sadly muffle all sound, including her music and voice.  Back to Ebay she went with the intention of buying the $5 pro DJ set from China.  What is there to lose now, right?  But before she did that, as luck would have it, a better pair was in the final seconds and she scooped them up.

Story to follow?  I bet there will be!

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