Friday, May 18, 2012 from the flames

I've been dragging my feet getting back to Second Life.

I've been dying to sing, my set list is chosen my songs are down....but when it comes to logging in?  My heart sinks.  This break has thrown all sorts of growing pains at me.  I feel like I've done some pretty heavy evolving, but one thing I will never change is my loyalty.  I will never forget where I started, those people that had faith in me even when I didn't.  Those that gave me a chance.  The ones that came to my shows when I sucked.  I love them.

When I had my car accident in 2009 I tried SL because I was bed ridden and couldn't think of anything else to do.  I also thought it would help return dexterity to my right hand.  I love burlesque so naturally I ended up on the sim that was to become Viva La Glam.  When that sim split into two groups I supported both and remained neutral. 

When one group stabbed me in the back I didn't provide any but the scantest details related to my own life directly and no gossip.  What shocked me is that I was banned from Viva too.

It is true that in times of trial you learn who your friends are.  I have several true SL friends that have stood by me throughout all this upheaval. I value them as highly as I do the friends I see in RL.  They are the ones that make me want to sing, and they are the ones that "deserve me at my best."  But there is the odd folder or the errant subscribo message that reminds me of how amazing those first days were, surrounded by all those people that pushed me to succeed.

At the time I thought it was too good to be true. 

Now, it's time to begin, anew....

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Generation Time Forgot

I never thought I would be one of them.

You know.  Old.

They funny thing is, mine is the first generation that really isn't.   We are the first generation who's 40 looks and feels 20.  Our era is still the craziest. We came after X and before Y.  We were the first to really concentrate on living our dreams, because we were the first to have that kind of disposable time and the support system to allow it yet we still value self respect and have a solid work ethic.  We did things like read.  Books.  And we didn't have to run out and spend $300 on a gadget to do it.

We are the ones that ripped apart the social stigmas, that made gays cool and accepted exotic races.  We ripped apart useless stereotypes so the coming generations could rebuild something better.

The coming generation brought us slackers.

Instead of working to build onto this gap, they eschew work and accept the "its all good" marijuana mentality.  They assume that everything will be brought to them and find all work repugnant.  They are ignorant of everything.  They can commit to Where I live they refuse to shower or groom themselves in any way, wear clothes junkies have discarded and call it "hipster." Their music would suck except its starting to be mostly reworked 80s thank God so I can tolerate it.  They honestly have no concept of responsibility.  They scare me.

Yes, that is what started all this.  I had to go associate with actual people today and caught myself saying "Kids today SUCK!"

I know this is the fault of the parents but I honestly don't know how this happened. I never had kids, and I know parents tend to fall into that "I want to give you everything I never had" trap but please.  As a parent your job is to give your child  discipline, self respect, independence, intelligence (education), love and support, those things.  Not x-boxes.  Even I know that.  So wtf happened here?

These idiots are the people that will be taking care of us when we finally do get old.  Yikes.  I don't even want to think about it.  We are sure to be forgotten again.