Friday, December 16, 2011

The Magic of "Ummmm"

I am a bachelor.  I'm a better bachelor than most bachelors (this from my bachelor friends). I just have a very single way of doing things.  I should, I've been single and living alone since I was 17.

The way I view dating is very male.  Basically I pick the one I want and take it home. I love making it do things naked as it has a stunning body that I like to check out.  Frequently I have been regaled with complaints about making it feel like a side of beef.  Isn't that a compliment?

I shop like a dude.  I'm a hunter - I go, get what I want, and leave.  Most women are gatherers.  They go, wander around looking at things, select a few, then leave.  That drives me bonkers - unless I'm at Sephora or a Home Depot or Best Buy.

The only thing I do that is really girly is over-communicate.  I fall all over myself to explain what I'm feeling and why.  I don't need to do this.  Listening to my now x boyfriend on the phone today, I realized that 'our' conversation consisted of me asking desperate questions and long silences punctuated by his going "ummmm...."  It was frustrating but I took it.

WHY did I take that?  That is total crap!  Yet men get away with it all the time!  From now on I am adopting this typically male characteristic as well and making my life much easier.  When I am asked a question I don't want to answer, I am going to say "ummmm...." until that person goes away.  I can't even believe how much simpler this will make my life!  Can you imagine?

Do you want to have dinner with me?  "Ummm...."
Why were you late?  "Ummm..."
Were you out with someone else? :Ummm..."
Did you use my razor? "Ummmm...."
Was it good for you?  "Ummm...."

Like Magic!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Good Life

I overheard this conversation the other day and it cracked me up so hard I had to post it. I have been really down about the excuse for a love life that I endure and after this I just couldn't take myself  seriously anymore.  OK, we may not be attaches to rock stars but I think we all have high points.  Just play Mad Libs and [insert word here].

There were two women at a table, one was going on about a particular loser she was dating when her friend cut her off.  The following is a near exact transcript, as close as I can remember:

Her: "OK, hold on.  This loser can basically only live online, right?  And he moved on from you to someone that doggedly follows your every move, down to your hair?  But he wont admit to dating you?"
Other Her: "Bascally"
H: "And he's terrified that his friends will give him a hard time about dating you, right?"
O:  "yeah"
H:  "Ok.  Now, how many certified, actual rock stars have had no problem admitting that they are interested in you in front of a concert hall, fans, friends, strangers, Spin magazine and in one case his girlfriend?"
O: "Ummm...I...ummm..."
H: "...cuz by my count it's at least 4, NOT counting the Aussie that kept phoning you at home wanting you to go on tour with him.  And then there's that one actor if we are going to count everyone.  And those comic book people that got famous. And I'm going to throw in the assassin for fun."
O: "Um...well...I...but...."
H:  " I'm thinking there is NO reason for ANYONE to have a problem admitting they are dating YOU.  And anyone that wouldn't throw that guy a damn party is a fucking idiot. Geeze. What kind of morons are you hangin' with?  I think we have found the root of the problem here. You know you don't slum well!  Stop trying! It never works for you!"
O: "O.O" (pause) "OK. I can't argue with that."
H: "Literally.  There's documentation."
O: "OK I may have forgotten who I am for a minute there."

Lets not forget who we are!

Day turns to night, night turns to whatever we want
We're young enough to say...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Use Me

I've said this a lot, historically.  When at work and I have a skill that's lacking: use me.  When assisting a friend in cooking dinner or fixing a house: use me.  I think the most important way I abuse this phrase, though, is when I offer my strength to someone that needs it.  Use me.  If you don't think you can make it, use me.  I've been there.  Use me, I'll hold you up.  Use me, its ok to cry.

Occasionally I feel that I have been offered for public crucifixion.  I didn't get the nick-name "Phoenix" for nothing.  Though I am always baffled at the apparently human desire to kick puppies and nice people,  at this point in my life I again find myself saying "use me."  If you must.  I can take it. Better me than someone else, someone weaker, that can't.  In all the continents that I have lived on I learned that there will always be a small contingent of sad people that want to build you up just to knock you down.  Ignore them.  Love them.  Do what you must but do not let them in, and keep walking tall.

I give my strength freely on my own and am happy to do so when asked.  What I don't appreciate is having it taken from me.  When I allow myself to get close to someone, its an exchange of selves.  Its sharing.  Those bonds are what build friendships.   Lately I have been fooled by some individuals that only wanted to take and before I knew it they sucked me dry, leaving me feeling used when all they had to do was ask.  I would have happily given whatever they wanted.  Instead they ripped it away from me.

Here on the stand with the book in my hand, truth on my side...

No one will ever convince me that its shameful to mourn the loss of a lover or friend, and only the weak think tears are a sign of weakness.  I'm just beginning to understand that kindness is almost always the best option.  I try to live my life in a way that I can be proud of, that is reflected in my friends (who rock as hard or harder than I do)(usually harder).

Sometimes, like now, when I'm running low and I keep getting jabbed by idiots, it's hard to remember that.  It's also hard to remember that a 2D environment encourages people to act first, think later and forget most of it, that partnerships are made and broken in months and each new one is "true love" they waited forever for and thought they would never find, that most women are men and you can change from human to car in 5 minutes.  I'm a Real Girl.  That is Memorex.

Walk tall.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I noticed that I was still following a particular blog today and, braving the waves of animosity radiating from it,  went to take out the link when a post caught my eye (footnote).  It seems my former friend is dealing with the fallout from a former relationship.

There is a lot of this going on right now.  I have to say I feel strongly about old attachments.  I've always considered it a kind of bizarre badge of honor that I not only retain most of my ex boyfriends as close friends, but that they also tend to like each other.  Same with friends.  I don't see these people as disposable.

I can honestly state that I don't say anything behind someone's back that I wouldn't say to their face.  Typed or spoken.  Anyone that reads my Facebook or speaks to me for more than 5 minutes knows I don't keep secrets, at least not many, and I'm simply too feeble to lie.  Its too much work.  I live out loud with no fear!  I'm a breathing athletic shoe slogan!  Being that way puts me under constant scrutiny and it just ends up being a pointless expenditure of effort to interweave untruths. 

I also try to be objective and fair in all things, usually to my own disadvantage.  I'm cruel to myself.  I'm working on that.  For this reason its hard for me to say or post things that might hurt someone else, because it makes me feel bad.  Even if its the right thing to do.  "It hurts me more than it hurts you" in my case is very true.  I have to fight with myself to keep from following whomever like a puppy begging forgiveness even if I did nothing wrong, just because I upset them somehow.  It's really sad and goes against the whole Diva image. (I should just shut up but that also goes against the Diva image and my nature so I think I'm fucked here.)

For some reason, my carpe noctem philosophy really incites some people,  I've been RL and cyber stalked for years.  Never really known why, occasionally the inevitable fifth column will tell me there is no reason.

I love Second Life, its a fantastic creative outlet as long as you balance a healthy first life with it.  SL can be so insidious and alluring, it can creep in and start taking you over slowly until you rush home to log in and fall in love with someone you only see a few hours a day.  This is clearly a dangerous situation.  Especially for a Real Girl like me. I was an SL Girl for 2 years after my accident, and getting away from that is incredibly hard, but I'm managing.

Where is my friend when I need you most?  Gone away....

The tough thing for me is understanding some of the people that I met during my time as an SL Girl.   Someone I considered my best friend RL or SL once told me not to fall in love in SL, that I didn't belong there and I would get hurt.  She said to leave that to them (lifers).  She was correct....even though she was in many ways integral to my pain in that relationship.  I was too feeble to figure out her involvement until the end and never said an unkind word to her before I was unfriended and banned.  When this happened after a fight with a previous friend I thought it was pathetic, which it is.  (Oooooh, I'm locked out of the fake house in fake-land. As if!) Not so, once I had been assimilated. This is a person I supported through many of her personal crisis (and vice versa) and stood by even when that might not have been the most strategic position for me.  I took her verbal attacks when she was stressed and upset and, once I figured out how she was, I tried to make her laugh instead. I'll never understand her vitriol or interest in my lover (which persists).  I've never had a close friend turn on me that way.  I actually physically don't understand it and it scares me.  Is it SL that makes disposing of good people so easy?

Without the mask, where will you hide?...

She has a lovely sim where I thought I had many friends, I felt blessed with good fortune that way. Most of them call me crazy now for reasons that elude me.  I'm shunned by the people that I considered family as though I did something horrible to them.  On the contrary, I shot film of their sims and performed for free without a second thought and would do it again.  I do anything for my family.  After this debacle I left that sim and found better friends that are RL friends as well...but those attachments are like dusty memories that sound a little like the echoes of laughter I heard a long time ago.  Is it SL that makes it so easy to be the children to her Pied Piper?  How is it possible to believe something with all evidence to the contrary?  If the same happened in reverse I would ask that person directly. Or something.  This just makes no sense to me.

My lover brought me another kind of pain.  He is cruel, vindictive and a liar.  I have surrounded myself for so long with good people that this alone baffles me.  I never dated anyone in SL, he had to explain everything to me and was my first.  He wanted to keep me a secret, among other wrong things, but he made me inexplicably happy and we kept wanting to be together so we kept working it.  Unfortunately he just told too many lies, I couldn't take it and too many fights ensued. Then all hell broke loose and there was so much going down I cant really say exactly what caused the break up.  I do know he never missed me enough to come back.

Afterwards though, he and my friend shared my intimate IMs and chats and made private details of our relationship public knowledge.  He also lied about why we broke up (he just told me this).  Then he hooked up with someone else and used our relationship as fodder for that one.  He gave her everything he knew I wanted from him. It was excruciating for me, which is ridiculous because none of it was real.

Cause if you're not really here, then the stars don't even matter....

Recently he pursued me again and we spent 3 weeks up each other's asses in video chat basically from when we woke up to when we slept.  It wasn't an SL relationship anymore.  It made us both happier and we both worked hard to fix what went wrong and make a new friendship...only we don't feel platonic about each other and "friendly" ended the first night.  We alted in-world but he clearly had rules about being in there with me.  In fact he seemed to have a lot of specifics about RL and SL, effectively partitioning himself off. We discussed the crap that went on before and found out a lot we didn't know.  I was driving across the country at the time and had finances allowed we would have spent the weekend together.  We were addicted to each other.  Then he and I had a bad day at the same time and that was that.  I couldn't let him see someone else in SL and be with me too.  And I couldn't let him continue to keep me a secret.  So I dumped his cheating ass and outed him on Facebook even though it hurt. Digital seems to be all he cares about, so I had to meet him there.  Ugh. 

He hasn't said a civil word to me since.  He went so far as to post a very weak confession on his Facebook for his friends - the ones that think I'm crazy - denying everything.  I have continued to try to elicit conversation from him because I feel terrible about upsetting him so deeply even though I don't believe I did anything wrong or dating me is anything to be ashamed of.  It eats at me.  His is an attachment that I hold dear, even though I no longer have any romantic urges. No matter what insane thing he does, I loved him once and that gets him a special place in my heart.

This is someone else's story, someone that I never knew....

Threatening his SL was too much for him.  It's the only life he wants, and he doesn't want me in it.  He credits me with showing him the possibilities of that life, of having a lover and all the other human things we shared, but doesn't want to share them with me.  I don't understand this - none of this.  Why wouldn't he want to rejoin RL especially since he wouldn't have to do it alone, and by the way why didn't he want me?  I'm not "all that" but honestly I am way out of his league while the chick he's chasing...isn't.  Is it SL that makes it possible for him to ignore me and pursue someone else?  Leave prime rib for hamburger? Who doesn't want their dream girl (his words) when they get the chance?  Does SL enable his rampant cruelty? 

Is it really that easy for you, just because you can't see my face?

This is an attachment that is detrimental to me, and one that I will have to release - something that I have never done willingly and abruptly before.  Of course, the need has never existed before.  I have no idea how to go about it. Fun fun.

I said I was objective so this part is for me.  Is it SL that keeps holding me to his memory?  I would have forgotten a RL guy by now. I would never have given this one the time of day in RL - I would have known he was, well, scum.  In SL he is hysterically funny and right when I needed it.  Our video chat happened when I was sick and alone in the middle of the US and I needed companionship.  I'm now trying to make my way in a new town and its going much slower than I anticipated...I miss the companionship still.  I cant help looking at the glow of the monitor and thinking "...maybe...that was nice...".  It was like having a close friend on demand, anytime.  Is this SL too?

I have a surprising real life relationship starting with someone that calms me tremendously (and that is something I need), and I'm thrilled to have moved out of the horrible situation that I was in when I met my x.  However, lying sick in front of the monitor for 3 days I can't help probing around the latest conflagration my life has gone up in.

I know some people wanna criticize, makes 'em feel better about themselves....
I've never been the type to be shy
I know that some would say I'm too headstrong
But I'd rather be a woman who voices her mind
Whether you think I'm right or wrong

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I love my witty friends! They make me look so smart when I stand next to them!

[17:21]  Pure DeCorelli  (purevildarkelf.bulan): I have a chronic type-demon infection
[17:21]  Pure DeCorelli  (purevildarkelf.bulan): yeah the keyboards infested
[17:21]  Pure DeCorelli  (purevildarkelf.bulan): can't vacuum them out, can't use canned air...
[17:21]  Pure DeCorelli  (purevildarkelf.bulan): its like mexicans moved in

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Phoenix sings Sunday 1pm at the launch of "The Secret Garden Party," collection from Sonatta Morales!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

DONT FORGET! Phoenix at 8pm for the 4th MUSIC AWARENESS EVENT. It'll be simulcast on

Friday, April 22, 2011

Join Phoenix at 8pm for the 4th annual MUSIC AWARENESS EVENT. This event will be simulcast on FCMC Radio Don't miss it!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Come burn with Phoenix at the Burn2 SL Event at 3pm. TP your friends. For more info

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Im singing at the launch party for Sonatta Morales 8 Spione collection at 1pm slt. Dare to come.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This one doesnt suck! Buy it now!

My friend Zoltan Mint, owner of Jack's - a helluva fun nightclub if you haven't been there already - just invented a game.  It's one of those "conversation starter" games, only this one is actually fun and sucked down over an hour in the blink of an eye.  It's available on marketplace and at a kiosk at Jack's with even more subject cards (hint: we played the sex one.  It's really naughty - but still fun!).  It also matches my decor.  You must get one of your own!  This or That is listed under adult so you have to be logged in with your mature checkbox ticked.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

...and then, the karaoke morons make my point for me and it's like...kismet. Or something. Part 3

Today I found this waiting for me in my offline IMs:

[12:58]  Pupito Helstein: (Saved Wed Feb 09 08:35:58 2011) hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaha
[12:58]  Pupito Helstein: (Saved Wed Feb 09 08:36:19 2011) so funny your blog, thank u! karaoke lady!

Where to start?  He didn't have the courage to actually paste a comment on my blog?  That he commented at all?  What he tried to say (spelled correctly this time)?  I guess I had some last vestige of belief that this was an organized, professional, proper group.  I don't know why I was surprised at the quality of this response, but I was.  And it squeezed out a giggle.  So it's here.

Sometimes words just fail.  And that's the proper comment. 

I left out of the previous blog that the only thing on his profile is a plug for his t-shirt shop (I thought that too personal and low a blow) so I'm sure he will appreciate his brand new  "Get Wild With Phee" fan tee.  For women.

My job here is done!

Go to Part 1
Go to Part 2

It's not karaoke, morons! PART 2 - The Investigation

 Lets start by saying that I am usually very nice in SL.  I like being nice.  It's...nice.  However, I have a migraine and a few hot buttons one of which is morons, talking.  I had to look into this Live Music Review crap a little more.  Here's the notecard that Loegan received.  Usually I make spelling corrections, but that's not gonna happen here. 

Hello, we'd like to tell you about a new group in SL called Live Music Review whose purpose is to create a higher standard in SL music.   As musicians we've all played venues where the owners made an intense effort to make a cool space... something we'd bring our RL friends to visit.    These venues make a real effort to make an interesting place for music as well as compensate their performers beyond tips.   We have developed a website to showcase the best venues in SL.  The criteria for listing goes something like this.

1.  The venue compensates their performers (the amount is between the venue and the musician)
2.  The venue is well built and interesting
3.  There are not excessive tipjars, sploders, danceballs
4.  There is not excessive chat gesture spam (heck let people talk)
5.  The venue does not host acts with canned tracks (kareoke acts)

Of course the tracks issue is a big one, and if you enjoy it, that's great, this group just isn't for you.  It isn't so much a black and white issue, there are performers who use odd sounds that are prerecorded or loops as part of a live performance, but we can agree this is different than hitting play on itunes and singing along.  We seek a music scene in SL similar to that in a city where there are some standards as to what plays.  We love to include performers who are doing something differet, original, and most of all live. 

This group is not meant to belittle what anyone else does.  All are free to express themselves as they see fit.  If you want to have a Kareoke venue that doesn't pay performers, best of luck to you.  We are seeking to create a viable and artistic music scene that will rise above the crowded waters of sl.    If you would like to be reviewed for our website, please fill out the bottom of this card and return to pupito helstein


This notecard is titled "Live Music Review Website & Group - Venues" but there is no SL group of that name and no website listed. Hmmm...  further sleuthing is necessary here.  I made use of the inworld search feature while I can (because HELL NO I'm not switching to Viewer 2 - but that's in my other post) and found this on his 235 day old profile:

[engrama] :REAL LIVE BAND IN  SL!!, live musical experimentation, influences of MOGWAI, SONIC YOUTH, SIGUR ROS, RADIOHEAD, MONO, ,  covers , and some songs in Spanish.
What [Engrama] offers to Second Life  is live music without pre-recorded tracks; a dreamlike musical soundscape which transcends from SL into RL.

OK.  So maybe this is the website referenced?  Let's see... I'm listening to it while I type all this up.  It's really not bad. Very pleasant at times.  I'm not calling Sony yet.  Nothing about Live Music Review or SL but then this is the REAL band site.

From what I can gather I do have a few observations:

1.  What did tracks singers do to him?  There is clearly history here.

2. I have over 4 years of vocal training, including classical vocal.  I have performed in RL.  I compile each set and rehearse it meticulously for each of the SL gigs I have and I make sure to include requests and change up the style to keep things interesting.  Preparation time usually runs about 3 hours.  

Doesn't karaoke usually require a couple beers?

3.  Having a band or a guitar does NOT make you a quality performer, any more than performing with a pre-recorded track makes you suck.  Those of us that actually participate in SL live music have heard them all.

3.  Madonna would not be allowed to perform for Live Music Review.

4.  It's spelled "Karaoke."

Sadly that is all I can find so far.  Please e-mail me with the names of anyone else in this "group,"  if they'll admit it, as I would love to do further research and make that information available to the public.

In the meantime, DO THIS INSTEAD!!!!  Crap Mariner has an established reputation for promoting SL music!

Just an interesting aside, I (ironically) adopted the following as my new signature 2 days ago:
"At Gerhadsen's, we hold ourselves to a higher standard."

2/9  Update:  YOU DIDN'T THINK THIS WAS OVER, DID YOU???  No no no - one thing morons love to do is talk!  See the next post!

It's not karaoke, morons! PLEASE READ!

Got this note the other day:

"My venue was recently approached to join a group for venue owners called Live Music Review.  I would encourage the SL music community to NOT join this group.  They have set down guidelines for what they feel is a quality venue.  After a heated discussion with one of the groups founders, I was still unable to determine what  the purpose of the group was – needless to say he no longer wanted my venues in the group (which is fine by me).

One of the standards of what makes a venue, “high quality” according to the group is “no karaoke acts." I own two live music venues with Porter Paquot; The Mill and Kasbah.  We do not book karaoke acts, we book high quality vocalists who use tracks, live musicians, and DJ’s.  We have original music night and do our best to support the live music scene and art community in Second Life.  I have worked for almost two years trying to bring people together and book quality music at my venues.  I feel that my venues can stand on the reputations they have made for themselves over the last year and half.  In my opinion, reputation is what a makes a good venue not an arbitrary checklist. It frustrates and angers me when someone makes blanket statements like this group is doing.  If a venue does not want to book vocalists who use tracks, that is their choice,  It DOES NOT make them a higher quality venue. This attitude is what is wrong with an otherwise amazing second life music scene.

It is time to put a stop to this.  This is a debate among musicians, managers, and venue owners.  The fans don’t care they just want to hear good music. Let’s stop creating divisions and work together.  If we as venue owners just book the best people out there and run our venues the way we want, then the people going to the shows will decide who runs a quality venue and who doesn’t.  It’s simple.  Groups like this that see things as black and white are what is wrong with the Second Life music scene. I also encourage musicians to not support venues with this attitude.  This debate is getting old.

I have attached an article I have written for Scruplz Magazine that is coming out this month about this issue.  I wrote it before I had this incident with Live Music Review. This is a hot button issue with me and it's about time that we as a community STOP making divisions and work together.  Good music is good music.

I hope you take the time to read the attached article*

Thank you for your time,
Loegan Magic

and please feel free to pass this notecard around.

Wow.  That anyone professing to be a professional in the SL music industry would refer to it as "karaoke" floors me.  Who are these morons?  I thought I would check this out, and discovered that Live Music Review is not an actual SL group.  Hmmmm.....  Time to do some more....stay tuned!

For those that have not yet experienced my inworld picks, here's my favorite since 2009.  Oddly NO-ONE has approached me with the K-word since I posted this  :)
"I just dont like karaoke"

Occasionally, when I explain how I perform in SL, certain morons will respond with this statement.

Luckily I am unable to physically punch them. 

This is an incredibly ignorant comment.  Yes, I perform live with a pre-recorded backing track.  So does Madonna.  So what?  Ultimately I plan to get my tracks laid down the way I want them, but I am unable to be an entire band.  So please do us all a favor,  keep your attempts at condescension to yourself and go back to playing in your mother's basement.

Oh and by the way, everyone likes karaoke.  They just don't all admit it.


by Loegan Magic

The Second Life music scene is an ever changing component to to an already complex virtual world, filled with it's own politics and unwritten rules.  It has become a thriving independent global music scene unaltered by the corporations that have pretty much gobbled up the airways and watered down the music being put out in the “real world”.  Sure some of it is pretty amateurish, but even that has it's charm.  What's better then then a kindergarten teacher by day who is a  SL rock star by night?  The musicians here are all on various levels, some are just having fun, some are trying to make it big, and some are just playing for a much needed outlet or release. Whatever the reason, second life is full of music and we the fan have tons of choices.

I have been involved in this scene on various levels for almost two years now and I've seen a lot (keep in mind SL years are like dog years). Most of what I've seen has been  good, some of it wondrous and amazing and yes some of it not so good.  I have met a lot of great people, venue owners, musicians, managers and fans. However, one aspect has troubled me, and that is the blatant disrespect, by some in the scene, for singers who use tracks.  For those of you who don't know, “track singers” use per-recorded music to sing live to.  This has labeled them by some as Karaoke singers or being dismissed as not live music.  I disagree.  Even the term track singer, I have an issue with; why don't we use the term vocalist?

First off karaoke is an activity.  You go to karaoke with your friends to drink and have a good time.  And getting up in front of your friends in a supportive environment and singing badly is just that - fun.  If you don't believe me ask yourself what happens when the one person in the room that can sing gets up and does it?  No one wants to follow them, its no longer fun. It is completely different then listening to a trained professional singer putting on a show and entertaining a crowd. 

Now, does that mean that their are people using tracks who can't sing and should not be labeled vocalists – yes it sure does and a lot of them.  Does that mean they shouldn't sing – no!  It means I might not book them at my venue or go see their next show but that is the great thing about Second Life music, someone else will.  The point is, I can think of countless people who strum guitars and sing that aren't any better.  Does that mean I dismiss everyone who strums a guitar – no.  So why are we dismissing everyone who uses tracks? 

The truth is some music can not be reproduced with just a guitar or a piano.  So why limit the music in second life to someone playing one instrument? Many track singers sing jazz, blues, soul, funk and more, giving a much needed kick to a music scene saturated with people strumming guitars.  I welcome the variety.

Now most fans don't care, they just want to hear good music and be entertained, it's mostly other musicians, venue owners, and managers, that have issue. It just seems sad to me to declare, that you only have 100% life music at your venue when what you are really saying is we don't let people sing with tracks here.  As a venue owner I want the best most talented people I can find, Personally, I don't care if you are banging on a bucket, scratching a record, or strumming a is art and good art should be seen and heard. 

Music is an art form and I can't think of another art form that I would dismiss due to the tools used. Singing is actually the most pure form of music I can think of and while we all do it, it doesn't mean we do it well (or should).   So if someone is using a prerecorded track it doesn't matter to me as long as they are singing well over it. I've heard some amazing vocalists in second life, trained professional singers with successful real life music careers that should not be missed. And to not book them because they don't strum a guitar seems absurd to me.

Second Life is an amazing place, it is literally what we make it. Just think how music will be experienced twenty or even ten years from now in whatever second life will evolve to. 
We are experiencing something that is in its infancy and we are the ones who will say remember when.

So if you are a musician, venue, owner, manager, or fan who dismisses vocalists who use tracks in second life, I urge you to reconsider.  We are all in this together, pioneers in a new world, but whatever world you are in, real or virtual, one thing that does not change is talent is talent.  So open your ears and mind to some amazing music, you might be surprised what you discover.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Phoenix is at Idle Rogue with the big show at 6pm slt TONIGHT! It's a sultry Valentine's hour of torch songs, JC Farstrider's sexy sax, and the steamy burlesque of Madison Costello.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Cheesy Beacon: Not just a delicious treat!

Here it is, finally explained!

Open post to Linden Lab: Are you all seriously retarded?

I mean that in the most genuine way.

Your product is broken.  Its been broken for months - but since you brought out the unequivocally failed Viewer 2 it's been really broken and you have abandoned even the facade of caring about that.

I'm sorry that  you poured a ton of money into a really bad viewer - after you opened the source code and allowed many other companies to do a better job for free, thereby ignoring an opportunity to use your resources to fix and improve SL.  I don't know who approved that decision but I hope they are one of the people you randomly fired.  I'm also sorry that your viewer sucks.  No one is going to change their mind on that, so forcing us to use it is just going to make us even more unhappy.  Does this really seem like a worthwhile expenditure of funds and effort to you?  Really?

My question is: why continue to throw good money after bad?  Honestly, have you actually tried to use SL lately?  I had to log in 3 times today and I could still barely function.  It's broken.  Instead of railroading the residents, why not try to actually fix it?  Why is this such a seemingly novel (and impossible) idea?

Are you totally unaware of your competition and that these worlds are improving exponentially due to pressing need brought on by the rising influx of residents bailing out of SL?  That SL residents are all sick of struggling to use a broken product?

Seriously, are you retarded?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Don't forget! The new live format entertainment show which will premiere TONIGHT (Friday) at 6pm slt. Featuring the dynamic wit and innate glamour that IS Phoenix Gerhadsen and many more....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oops! Here's the correct link for my show!
It's the "Name That Show" contest!!!

Phoenix Sings (Gerhadsen) is debuting a new show at Idle Rogue! It is an exciting hour of entertainment never before seen in SL! Phoenix will step out of the usual song and dance to raise her performance to an even higher level, while bringing you unique and quality guest acts that you many have missed so far in your SL travels.

This is an unprecedented undertaking from these two unique SL entities, already known for providing events like no other....and right now it needs a name.

The winner gets L$500 lindens or a chance to perform onstage (their call)!

The show will debut on Friday, January 14th at 6pm slt. The winner will be revealed at the end of the show with the expected excess of spotlights, poofers and champagne, so for heaven's sake make sure you're there!

Reply by Jan 13th in a notecard to Phoenix, and good luck!

We knew it would happen. LL is forcing us to use Viewer 2

Watch the video, below, for excruciating detail.

In a nutshell, anyone using good viewers (relatable across worlds) and not the stupid expensive one that LL bought instead of letting 3rd parties handle that and putting their money and time into their product, will be forced to switch if they ever want to use an in-world search feature.

Yet another stupid pointless waste of time and money when SL is so screwed up I can barely perform due to the outrageous lag, attachment and other issues that have remained unchecked since the release of Viewer 2.

Way to go, LL!  Help shove us all off this sinking ship! - this is the most exciting for both builders (magic word: flip) and musicians! - lots of SL people here, but its terrible.  Like SL 5 years ago, maybe.  I have lots of money and I can't even buy a decent skin.  many of my fave designers but they only opened partial shops...??????? - exciting changes coming as they soon get currency!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hot New Video (not mine)

I was recently tipped to this video.  I dont like the song, the girl or the outfit - but the video is AWESOME!

Check it out!