Monday, January 17, 2011

Open post to Linden Lab: Are you all seriously retarded?

I mean that in the most genuine way.

Your product is broken.  Its been broken for months - but since you brought out the unequivocally failed Viewer 2 it's been really broken and you have abandoned even the facade of caring about that.

I'm sorry that  you poured a ton of money into a really bad viewer - after you opened the source code and allowed many other companies to do a better job for free, thereby ignoring an opportunity to use your resources to fix and improve SL.  I don't know who approved that decision but I hope they are one of the people you randomly fired.  I'm also sorry that your viewer sucks.  No one is going to change their mind on that, so forcing us to use it is just going to make us even more unhappy.  Does this really seem like a worthwhile expenditure of funds and effort to you?  Really?

My question is: why continue to throw good money after bad?  Honestly, have you actually tried to use SL lately?  I had to log in 3 times today and I could still barely function.  It's broken.  Instead of railroading the residents, why not try to actually fix it?  Why is this such a seemingly novel (and impossible) idea?

Are you totally unaware of your competition and that these worlds are improving exponentially due to pressing need brought on by the rising influx of residents bailing out of SL?  That SL residents are all sick of struggling to use a broken product?

Seriously, are you retarded?



    Question: why do you believe you carry the same opinion as the majority of Second Life users? And please do source your expertise on these things.

    I mean, really. Do you read what you write and see what it looks like? A whine is not a whine when a solution, good or bad is provided with it. Hence you are whining.

    Viewer 2 is a good viewer. Doesn't matter if *you* don't like it. And it's okay if *you* don't like it. Fact: poll results at Dwell On It blogs shows that Viewer 2 is the second most popular viewer after Phoenix/Emerald. Yes, they had to combine Phoenix and Emerald to get that. Otherwise the most popular is Imprudence, then Viewer 2, then Emerald, then Phoenix and so on. I know, "unscientific" poll, but the point is: viewer 2 is a helluvalot more popular than you want it to be.

    But none of this matters.

    Fact: I and many others have given up on Third Party Viewers because Second Life keeps (whoops!) "breaking". Not to mention all the latest technologies regarding the grid occur on the official viewer *first*. I just got tired of it.

    Anyone willing to actually make a good-faith effort at learning *any* new software will fare well. Or, you can just be lazy and bash on what you don't like. (Photoshop version 2.5 upgrade to 3.0 anyone?)

    As for Viewer 2, ummm, let's see - same interface as almost all Adobe products. On, and Microsoft Professional products. Hrmmmm... oh yes, almost any professional productivity applications tend to lean toward the "side bar" paradigm.

    Oh, sorry. I forgot. You are an expert and the grid being all screwed-up for *you* is more important than it's working perfectly fine and smooth for *everyone else*.

    How about you try actually *trying* viewer 2. I'm willing to bet real money 90% of your grid issues will disappear almost instantaneously. After that: do some 'puter maintenance. Fact: the grid is rock-solid stable for me and practically everyone else I know.

    The problems you are experiencing must be at your end. So the process of elimination dictates: try another viewer. Then look at your system. I really wish you good luck with that.

    Go ahead, delete my comment since it is a negative and this is *your* blog. Doesn't matter: I've made my point to *you*.

  2. I agree with you Phoenix, viewer 2 sux. Third party viewers were pretty rare until viewer 2 came out.

    According to LL's own survey the majority of Second Life users (88%) prefer a viewer other than viewer 2.

  3. Yes Timber, you are correct. Thank you. It's people like Ari that are laughable...and they always say something like "Do you read what you write and see what it looks like?" lol.