Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We knew it would happen. LL is forcing us to use Viewer 2

Watch the video, below, for excruciating detail.

In a nutshell, anyone using good viewers (relatable across worlds) and not the stupid expensive one that LL bought instead of letting 3rd parties handle that and putting their money and time into their product, will be forced to switch if they ever want to use an in-world search feature.

Yet another stupid pointless waste of time and money when SL is so screwed up I can barely perform due to the outrageous lag, attachment and other issues that have remained unchecked since the release of Viewer 2.

Way to go, LL!  Help shove us all off this sinking ship! - this is the most exciting for both builders (magic word: flip) and musicians! - lots of SL people here, but its terrible.  Like SL 5 years ago, maybe.  I have lots of money and I can't even buy a decent skin.  many of my fave designers but they only opened partial shops...??????? - exciting changes coming as they soon get currency!

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