Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Crazy Ass Hair Hunt 2

They say "arse", I say I've been an accomplished swearer since I was 6.  Anyway, this is the single most pleasant hunt I have ever been on (twice) for very simple reasons.

1.  The stores that participate are widely varied.  Not all are clothes or hair.  Most are wildly creative.  It's fun to just wander...or rez a boat and sail... Whatever!  Fun!
2.  There are only 60 or so stores in the hunt.  There is no pressure, no lag, and you can browse at your leisure.  Plus, by wearing each hair as you get it, you do it all while giggling madly.

Who can beat that??

The official blog and flicker groups are below (though I like to save the surprise for when I get the item...but that's just me and I'm weird).
Stalk My Blog - The Crazy Arse Hair Hunt 2

...and since I know many of you (like me) are iffy about committing to a hunt unless there is a hint blog posted, the hint blog is below - the #s are SLURLs that will take you right to the stores.  Let's hear it for Maleficent again and all her hard work putting this together for us!

The Hunt Locations - The Crazy Arse Hair Hunt 2