Monday, January 17, 2011

Cheesy Beacon: Not just a delicious treat!

Here it is, finally explained!

Open post to Linden Lab: Are you all seriously retarded?

I mean that in the most genuine way.

Your product is broken.  Its been broken for months - but since you brought out the unequivocally failed Viewer 2 it's been really broken and you have abandoned even the facade of caring about that.

I'm sorry that  you poured a ton of money into a really bad viewer - after you opened the source code and allowed many other companies to do a better job for free, thereby ignoring an opportunity to use your resources to fix and improve SL.  I don't know who approved that decision but I hope they are one of the people you randomly fired.  I'm also sorry that your viewer sucks.  No one is going to change their mind on that, so forcing us to use it is just going to make us even more unhappy.  Does this really seem like a worthwhile expenditure of funds and effort to you?  Really?

My question is: why continue to throw good money after bad?  Honestly, have you actually tried to use SL lately?  I had to log in 3 times today and I could still barely function.  It's broken.  Instead of railroading the residents, why not try to actually fix it?  Why is this such a seemingly novel (and impossible) idea?

Are you totally unaware of your competition and that these worlds are improving exponentially due to pressing need brought on by the rising influx of residents bailing out of SL?  That SL residents are all sick of struggling to use a broken product?

Seriously, are you retarded?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Don't forget! The new live format entertainment show which will premiere TONIGHT (Friday) at 6pm slt. Featuring the dynamic wit and innate glamour that IS Phoenix Gerhadsen and many more....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oops! Here's the correct link for my show!
It's the "Name That Show" contest!!!

Phoenix Sings (Gerhadsen) is debuting a new show at Idle Rogue! It is an exciting hour of entertainment never before seen in SL! Phoenix will step out of the usual song and dance to raise her performance to an even higher level, while bringing you unique and quality guest acts that you many have missed so far in your SL travels.

This is an unprecedented undertaking from these two unique SL entities, already known for providing events like no other....and right now it needs a name.

The winner gets L$500 lindens or a chance to perform onstage (their call)!

The show will debut on Friday, January 14th at 6pm slt. The winner will be revealed at the end of the show with the expected excess of spotlights, poofers and champagne, so for heaven's sake make sure you're there!

Reply by Jan 13th in a notecard to Phoenix, and good luck!

We knew it would happen. LL is forcing us to use Viewer 2

Watch the video, below, for excruciating detail.

In a nutshell, anyone using good viewers (relatable across worlds) and not the stupid expensive one that LL bought instead of letting 3rd parties handle that and putting their money and time into their product, will be forced to switch if they ever want to use an in-world search feature.

Yet another stupid pointless waste of time and money when SL is so screwed up I can barely perform due to the outrageous lag, attachment and other issues that have remained unchecked since the release of Viewer 2.

Way to go, LL!  Help shove us all off this sinking ship! - this is the most exciting for both builders (magic word: flip) and musicians! - lots of SL people here, but its terrible.  Like SL 5 years ago, maybe.  I have lots of money and I can't even buy a decent skin.  many of my fave designers but they only opened partial shops...??????? - exciting changes coming as they soon get currency!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hot New Video (not mine)

I was recently tipped to this video.  I dont like the song, the girl or the outfit - but the video is AWESOME!

Check it out!