Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Good Life

I overheard this conversation the other day and it cracked me up so hard I had to post it. I have been really down about the excuse for a love life that I endure and after this I just couldn't take myself  seriously anymore.  OK, we may not be attaches to rock stars but I think we all have high points.  Just play Mad Libs and [insert word here].

There were two women at a table, one was going on about a particular loser she was dating when her friend cut her off.  The following is a near exact transcript, as close as I can remember:

Her: "OK, hold on.  This loser can basically only live online, right?  And he moved on from you to someone that doggedly follows your every move, down to your hair?  But he wont admit to dating you?"
Other Her: "Bascally"
H: "And he's terrified that his friends will give him a hard time about dating you, right?"
O:  "yeah"
H:  "Ok.  Now, how many certified, actual rock stars have had no problem admitting that they are interested in you in front of a concert hall, fans, friends, strangers, Spin magazine and in one case his girlfriend?"
O: "Ummm...I...ummm..."
H: "...cuz by my count it's at least 4, NOT counting the Aussie that kept phoning you at home wanting you to go on tour with him.  And then there's that one actor if we are going to count everyone.  And those comic book people that got famous. And I'm going to throw in the assassin for fun."
O: "Um...well...I...but...."
H:  " I'm thinking there is NO reason for ANYONE to have a problem admitting they are dating YOU.  And anyone that wouldn't throw that guy a damn party is a fucking idiot. Geeze. What kind of morons are you hangin' with?  I think we have found the root of the problem here. You know you don't slum well!  Stop trying! It never works for you!"
O: "O.O" (pause) "OK. I can't argue with that."
H: "Literally.  There's documentation."
O: "OK I may have forgotten who I am for a minute there."

Lets not forget who we are!

Day turns to night, night turns to whatever we want
We're young enough to say...

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