Wednesday, February 9, 2011

...and then, the karaoke morons make my point for me and it's like...kismet. Or something. Part 3

Today I found this waiting for me in my offline IMs:

[12:58]  Pupito Helstein: (Saved Wed Feb 09 08:35:58 2011) hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaha
[12:58]  Pupito Helstein: (Saved Wed Feb 09 08:36:19 2011) so funny your blog, thank u! karaoke lady!

Where to start?  He didn't have the courage to actually paste a comment on my blog?  That he commented at all?  What he tried to say (spelled correctly this time)?  I guess I had some last vestige of belief that this was an organized, professional, proper group.  I don't know why I was surprised at the quality of this response, but I was.  And it squeezed out a giggle.  So it's here.

Sometimes words just fail.  And that's the proper comment. 

I left out of the previous blog that the only thing on his profile is a plug for his t-shirt shop (I thought that too personal and low a blow) so I'm sure he will appreciate his brand new  "Get Wild With Phee" fan tee.  For women.

My job here is done!

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