Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's not karaoke, morons! PART 2 - The Investigation

 Lets start by saying that I am usually very nice in SL.  I like being nice.  It's...nice.  However, I have a migraine and a few hot buttons one of which is morons, talking.  I had to look into this Live Music Review crap a little more.  Here's the notecard that Loegan received.  Usually I make spelling corrections, but that's not gonna happen here. 

Hello, we'd like to tell you about a new group in SL called Live Music Review whose purpose is to create a higher standard in SL music.   As musicians we've all played venues where the owners made an intense effort to make a cool space... something we'd bring our RL friends to visit.    These venues make a real effort to make an interesting place for music as well as compensate their performers beyond tips.   We have developed a website to showcase the best venues in SL.  The criteria for listing goes something like this.

1.  The venue compensates their performers (the amount is between the venue and the musician)
2.  The venue is well built and interesting
3.  There are not excessive tipjars, sploders, danceballs
4.  There is not excessive chat gesture spam (heck let people talk)
5.  The venue does not host acts with canned tracks (kareoke acts)

Of course the tracks issue is a big one, and if you enjoy it, that's great, this group just isn't for you.  It isn't so much a black and white issue, there are performers who use odd sounds that are prerecorded or loops as part of a live performance, but we can agree this is different than hitting play on itunes and singing along.  We seek a music scene in SL similar to that in a city where there are some standards as to what plays.  We love to include performers who are doing something differet, original, and most of all live. 

This group is not meant to belittle what anyone else does.  All are free to express themselves as they see fit.  If you want to have a Kareoke venue that doesn't pay performers, best of luck to you.  We are seeking to create a viable and artistic music scene that will rise above the crowded waters of sl.    If you would like to be reviewed for our website, please fill out the bottom of this card and return to pupito helstein


This notecard is titled "Live Music Review Website & Group - Venues" but there is no SL group of that name and no website listed. Hmmm...  further sleuthing is necessary here.  I made use of the inworld search feature while I can (because HELL NO I'm not switching to Viewer 2 - but that's in my other post) and found this on his 235 day old profile:

[engrama] :REAL LIVE BAND IN  SL!!, live musical experimentation, influences of MOGWAI, SONIC YOUTH, SIGUR ROS, RADIOHEAD, MONO, ,  covers , and some songs in Spanish.
What [Engrama] offers to Second Life  is live music without pre-recorded tracks; a dreamlike musical soundscape which transcends from SL into RL.

OK.  So maybe this is the website referenced?  Let's see... I'm listening to it while I type all this up.  It's really not bad. Very pleasant at times.  I'm not calling Sony yet.  Nothing about Live Music Review or SL but then this is the REAL band site.

From what I can gather I do have a few observations:

1.  What did tracks singers do to him?  There is clearly history here.

2. I have over 4 years of vocal training, including classical vocal.  I have performed in RL.  I compile each set and rehearse it meticulously for each of the SL gigs I have and I make sure to include requests and change up the style to keep things interesting.  Preparation time usually runs about 3 hours.  

Doesn't karaoke usually require a couple beers?

3.  Having a band or a guitar does NOT make you a quality performer, any more than performing with a pre-recorded track makes you suck.  Those of us that actually participate in SL live music have heard them all.

3.  Madonna would not be allowed to perform for Live Music Review.

4.  It's spelled "Karaoke."

Sadly that is all I can find so far.  Please e-mail me with the names of anyone else in this "group,"  if they'll admit it, as I would love to do further research and make that information available to the public.

In the meantime, DO THIS INSTEAD!!!!  Crap Mariner has an established reputation for promoting SL music!

Just an interesting aside, I (ironically) adopted the following as my new signature 2 days ago:
"At Gerhadsen's, we hold ourselves to a higher standard."

2/9  Update:  YOU DIDN'T THINK THIS WAS OVER, DID YOU???  No no no - one thing morons love to do is talk!  See the next post!

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  1. Kasbah said...

    The response to this issue has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you for reposting my blog and spreading the word. People need to know that the majority of us out there don't feel the way these morons do.

    As far as additonal information about this club. I think they were sending out that notecard to see who was interested in joining. My guess is not many are. Hopefully, they will see by the negative response to their group that it is in their best interest to go away. It is a group based on ignorance, with no real purpose, other then to get like minded people together to pat each other on the back. It's pretty absurd when you think about it.

    Thanks again,
    Loegan Magic