Monday, February 15, 2010

Always Strike While The Iron's Hot

My inspirational buddies at L3ash recently opened a new truly unique and well-designed main store!  I mean that - it was airy, open and easy to navigate while having fantastic designer touches.  I was truly impressed - though let's be honest, not surprised.

It's closing now.  They have moved to xstreet.  Though probably a sound fiscal decision, it's really sad that the down economy has to be exacerbated in SL by the over-abundance of hunts.  Now, as we all know I am an avid hunter.  I love the hunt - especially the Twisted Hunt - far and away the tippy top of the line in SL hunting - but even I know it's gotten a little ridiculous.  Personally, if there is a way to spend $, even $L, I will find it - yet many stores have taken themselves completely out of the game by either giving away complete shit or giving away everything I would ever want from them.  This hurts everybody, not just those stores!

Who is the SL President?  We need economic reform!  In the meantime, SHOP L3ASH!!!

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