Saturday, April 17, 2010

Vote me into the Palais Jazz Festival! Go do it now! (I'll wait)

There are 2 slots open, the artists that get the slots will be determined by vote.  Votes are only 10L and you can vote here every day! 

This could be huge for me.  Please help!

(Details below)

The Palace will be holding a Jazz festival on May 8th starting at 1pm slt.  This will be a ticketed performance.  We have an awesome line up as it is including Maxx Sabretooth, TJ Oanomochi and Katia Keres  who are highly known in sl and are real life recording artists, just im them for their bios.

We have two slots open to start the show and will be holding the contest to see  which female and which male singer will be able to share the stage with such talent.  The winner will be paid for the show as well as take home 5% of the tickets sold and 100% tips!

You will then need to get your group members, or indeed anyone who wants to come and vote for you... the contest is a way to get other people aware of the festival and purchase tickets....To vote on your photo will be 10L a vote and they can vote once a day every day if they like!

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