Tuesday, May 11, 2010

L3ASH is BACK....almost!

[16:53:01]  Ellie Gilmour: [L3ASH] Is Almost Back!! Almost you ask? Well, today we Offer you Lingerie by Hollee Why well that’s Simple We need Linden or we can’t bring you New Releases Tomorrow sniffles. And what goes better with Lingerie? The Answer is Bunnies!!!! We are selling our Ozmial Bunnies L And Ellie G Photography Has pictures for sale. All of these Companies coming together to help L3ASH back to the SL Fashion World with the same great Quality you remember and a whole new direction and style.
Below are just a couple pictures of what we would release if we could afford the fees and the tier to keep the land along with uploads. Oh and Wait Pictures with Lingerie and Bunnies. Please, Come by and help the cause L3ASH Misses all of you if we aren’t creating New Releases for you we aren’t satisfied. Fashion and building is who we are and what we love, it’s what keeps use coming back to secondlife every day. So we beg you help us continue and bring back what we love. Hope to see you all here.


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