Thursday, January 7, 2010

[L3ASH] - I love this place!

I have discovered another amazing store - l3ash - owned and run by the lovely and talented Katie Mongrain and Ellie Gilmour that fit together like yin and yang.  They are quick witted and quick to laugh - two of my favorite qualities! Oh - did I mention the store rocks?  It is such a relief not to see the same old stripper corsets or boring jeans priced for robbery.  These ladies have a flair for sassy style and they are keeping the prices far, far away from the ridiculous.

As if that wasn't enough - they do custom work too!  I'm in LOVE!  Hey - I bet they won't refuse to fit an item to my "plus" sized shape like some other people (*cough Vanity Glitter) at other stores (*cough Sweet Dreams).

Their motto says it all: "A place where normal just isn't good enough."

Check out their BRAND NEW store in world at L3ash.

...and their blog at or in my links to the right.

Oh - and can somebody tell me how to pull up profiles in a post here?

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