Friday, February 17, 2012

My cup runneth over....

I have always believed that strength runs out.  There are times when I feel weaker than others.  Times when I feel the need to lean on other people.

The past few months have been the weakest I have ever survived.  The strange thing is....I did survive. And I'm changing into a much stronger, kinder person than I was before.

The new set of music I'm planning reflects that. It's going to be ... interesting.  We'll say that.  I'm having fun putting it all together.

A different fire.....

I'm sad that the lovers I cared for aren't with me now, but I'm finally starting to believe its their loss.  More importantly, I know now that I wont "run out" of strength, or of love.  Because I thought I didn't have any left but my heart still opened...I just took a little longer than usual.  That's not a bad thing!  The guy may have been a furry little mistake but the lessons learned will never be.  I'm just as grateful for the good memories as the sad ones. And I'm still standing. In amazing shoes and several sizes smaller no less!

He (and the other "hes") are the ones that have to live with themselves now.  I don't anymore.  I get to go back to my real life and hang with people I can relate to. I'm looking forward to it.  Just as soon as the bleeding stops.

It will stop any day now.

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